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Anyone have any inexpensive Christmas present ideas?

Question asked by sashal Employee on Dec 11, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2014 by shelleys

The month of December means two things for me right now. One, Christmas is fast approaching, and two, I’m about 2 months into student loan repayment. Because of that, my budget is pretty tight (though manageable), and I’m trying to avoid breaking it with Christmas presents.

Last year, I made a coupon book full of chores and free passes for home-cooked meals for my roommates. This was completely free minus the cost of printing, but time consuming. I’m looking to do something different this year.

Some people have suggested knitting hats, scarves, blankets, etc. but unfortunately, I’m a hopeless knitter.

I’m considering making fudge for all my loved ones but would like something to go with it. Pinterest has been a great resource for finding ideas for friends and coworkers, but I’m trying to find something for my parents and sister. There are plenty of DIY ideas out there, but I’d like to find something that’s truly heartfelt. My parents aren’t much for knickknacks, and my sister is getting ready to move to California.

I’m considering making my parents a cookbook of old family recipes. It’s personal and comes from the heart, but I ‘m wondering if there are any other ideas and have no idea what to do for my sister.

Any thoughts?