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I was attending Pace University and had some financial troubles so I took some time off of school. Apparently I was responsible for the classes I started because of the time that I withdrew.  wasn't thinking that it would be too much for me to pay being that I only attending 2 / 3 weeks of classes. I now owe $6000 to the school and I can't

As a foster kid for some time, the government had always covered my health insurance. But when I turned 18, I immediately “aged out” of this program. This was a problem for many reasons, including my college requiring incoming students to have insurance.   My school auto-enrolled me in its health insurance plan, but this
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Here in the Salt® Community, we know that money talk can be awkward. But we believe that encouraging, honest financial conversations are necessary—and people should get rewards for having them. So, that’s what we do!   By participating in this community, you can help your peers and engage in a little fun competition along