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Announcement 1 Dealing With Student Loans In Hurricane Aftermaths

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I was recently speaking at a conference in Austin about why millennials shy away from credit cards. In case you didn’t know, data shows that more than 6 in 10 millennials don’t use a credit card.   I am not one of them. In fact, I’m personally “team credit card” all the way. But before getting into why, let me

     My name is Bennyra and I am a birth mom. What is a birth mom? A birth mom (or birth parent) is somebody who chooses to gift their child to another couple. I do not regret my decision, for I know my 5 month old son is in the care of loving, humble and selfless people who do not only desire to provide love, but also support
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As a very young, single mother of two small children, I could barely make ends meet.  I worked two jobs (one full time and the other part time), lived on welfare and struggled with debt.  This was a tremendously difficult time in my life and I literally did not have an extra dollar to grab a hamburger from McDonalds, thus the smallest of