4 year gig based budget

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There is nothing glamorous about budgeting, but i find, as a numbers guy, this is the best way.


I am committed to embracing the "gig" economy. I plan to drive for uber, work various roles at the YMCA, and renovate a home, while building a strength and conditioning business, and start a small farm. Though this strategy is unconventional, it gives me job security, which is important given my residence in rural Maine. Also, it allows me to participate in a range of activities centered around community building. I plan to live here for 4 years while my partner is in school. Afterwards we plan to move, hence the 4 year budget.


Based on the budget estimates, I will be able to increase my loan payments each year. If I stick to this plan, i can potentially pay my student loan in less than the 10 year standard. This contest has given me the opportunity to think through this budget, which has already given me peace of mind. A victory would really help me jump start my farm business. I would plan to build a greenhouse with the award. A greenhouse could add up to 5k in earnings per year, helping to pay back loans much quicker. Thank you for the opportunity.


Matt Hinds

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