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On May 11th, 2015, my fiancé and I started our Debt Free Journey, to be free from all of our consumer and student loan debt. Few weeks ago, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of being on this journey. As of May 6th 2016, we've paid off $66,600 and continuing to work on being completely free of all debt!


During this debt free journey, we combined our salaries, used all bonuses, and all tax returns to throw at our debt. We decided to get on a a VERY STRICT budget for the first time, and accounted for every penny. We started to use mostly cash for everything we purchased. This journey also came with significant lifestyle changes such as declining lots of invitations, trips, going out, eating out, shopping etc. A lot of long days, late nights and weekends spent working, hustling and grinding. But it was so worth it and will be worth it in the end!


We contemplated very much sharing our story as we are very private people, however, the more we thought about it, we realized we wouldn't be here today if other people weren't courageous enough to share their stories. I know so many young individuals knee deep in student loans and other debt, frustrated of making those payments. It's sad that our generation has to be in this situation to begin with but it's possible to be free of that burden. You can do it!


If our journey can inspire even just one person to start their debt free journey then our good deed for the day is done