Your Relationship with Money

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Did you ever consider that money is neither good or bad, but just "is"? Similar to electricity, could it be that it has an energy all in itself that is quite neutral? In my own research of the substance of money I have applied it to my life and found it to be true. I have always struggled with money and felt very limited by it. But I've actually discovered that I was in a love/hate relationship with it. Once I began to change my thoughts towards money and considered it a friend rather than my worst enemy, I began making different decisions in the smallest ways, which put me on a whole new path. Let's think about it..... if money were your friend and you wanted more of it, do you think it would be mutually attracted to you and want to be near you if you were harboring judgments against it? If you didn't welcome it with open arms or good thoughts, could it be that you are repelling it without even knowing? If you want to have more money but inside you hold any kind of feelings like "Rich people are greedy", then this is a good indication that you could have mixed feelings about your relationship with money. Your mind has already assumed that you are not a part of that group (the "rich" people) and so it will find a way to keep you excluded. It is an internal shift in mindset that unlocks the process of drawing money and wealth to you.

To sum this up, the very best advice I have been given concerning money was when I filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2013. Before my case was discharged by the court, I was required to pass an online course about money management. Out of the whole course there was one statement that stood out in my mind and changed everything for me. The statement in the course mentioned that although there is a lot of uncertainty in life, the one thing we can rely on is that things are constantly in motion and our relationship to money, like anything else, will either get better or worse over time. So wherever we are at right now, the choice is ours to make it better or allow it to get worse. I considered my spending habits, my overspending, my lack of planning and lack of saving.... and I had a reality check --- that being in my early 30's I still have time to not only make it better but to drastically change it if I wanted to. So now when I make financial decisions I try to monitor my own patterns, keeping in mind that my financial future can either get better or worse. I choose to make it better. How about you?

by Dana J. Raymond