Awareness Over Carelessness

Document created by dana_1 on May 31, 2016
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The financial advice I wish I had received is that you have to stay completely aware of how much money you have at all times.  To some people this may seem like a no-brainer that does not warrant being a piece of advice.  For me though it was a struggle that I have only recently come into control of.   Being young, somewhat irresponsible, and not having an abundance of money caused me avoid facing my finances head on.  I would make purchase after purchase without checking how much money I had in my bank account.  I avoided the reality of my situation because it gave me stress, yet my stress only increased after a period of skirting the facts.  I feel as though if I had received this advice earlier on, I may have embraced taking control of my finances at a younger age.  I think it would have led me to make wiser financial decisions and definitely save me some money.  You cannot run from the numbers!