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Document created by chocolatemarshmellow on May 31, 2016
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     As a college student, i have learned to manage my money better through the help of teachers, colleagues, and family. College, to me, is the time where we'd get as much fun,make memories, but also finishing our education for a better future. A lot of money will be spent recklessly during these times if its not spent well and eventually it will be a great struggle in the end. What my parents have told me is too not get a credit card now unless it is for emergency, which i think is a valid point, because right now i don't need one and just the thought of how easy it is just to swipe and get tons of stuffs, I wouldn't trust myself with it. I have also learned to use cash instead of my credit/debit card because of the same reason mentioned before and what is good about it is that i can monitor how much cash I have left. Right now, how I manage my money now is I'd open a savings account and every month I'd add in a certain amount of money to it. I would also set a limit to how much money I should spend for my things such as clothes, I would set a limit to $50 per month. What really helped me is when I make goals for myself. Having goals or something you'd want to have in the future can really make you stay focused to achieve it. Let's say you want to visit your family that you haven't seen in awhile, saving money and thinking about that surprise visit can be exciting and it will help you resist buying something that isn't worth it. To conclude, being wise with your money can actually get you far and you'll be less stressed in the future, plus you'll have a back-up when something happens. Be Money Wise!