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     Hello My name is Kim Rodriguez, I am currently a Register Nurse with an Associates degree going back to school after 17 years to get my BSN.  When I was in school the first round, I was a single mother with a small daughter.  We were just making it and I knew I had to do something to make sure that we were cared for from now on.  I always wanted to be a nurse and thought now, or then was the best time.  It was definitely not the best time, since I had no money to go to school and I had to work full time just to make ends meet.  I knew nothing about financial aide or getting money for school.  I applied for every single scholarship that I thought applied to me and my life.  There were about 50 of them, and it was very time consuming.  But well worth it in the end, I got enough money from those scholarships to get my degree, keep my daughter in a good Christian private school, and have money to only have to work on the weekend.

     I highly recommend that you apply for every scholarship out there, that may remotely apply to you.  It will be well worth the time and effort, and you will be surprised at the organizations that have funding for students that are interested in bettering themselves.  I even got a small scholarship from the business woman of my town.  I was amazed to go to breakfast with these business woman and they were handing me a check for school.  This only happened because I applied to everything that I could to secure the funds for school.  Take the time and just do it!!  It will pay off and you will be on your way to a debt free degree in no time.

    God Bless!!