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First thing that needs to be done is research.which includes taking a personalized test to better determine which careers would suit you the best.Taking an assessment exam to determine levels of reading, math and other subjects. Research as much as possible before making a decision because like most of us you will be using FAFSA, and you only get one chance, they will not pay for anything past your bachelor's degree, and stay away from loans. In my experience, I have 2 degrees that got me the work but not the pay and now Iam stuck with $30,000 in student loans. Hopefully this will be the last 4 years of school for you, then a career for the rest of your life or the next 20-30 years, so make sure you have done all your homework or you may be miserable with would have, should have,could have statements. Thank you and please don't make the same mistakes I did.