Stay Cool and Carpool

Document created by april716 on May 31, 2016
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While summer brings the greatly welcomed rising temperatures, it also brings the not-so-welcomed rising gas prices. As a recent college graduate preparing to enter student loan repayment, every dollar that I can save matters. One practical way I've been saving money is by carpooling with friends whenever possible. Whether it's a trip to the grocery store or the mall, or a night out, carpooling not only saves major gas money but also makes getting to your destination a lot more fun! My friends and I make an effort to keep it as even as possible when deciding whose car to take, and for longer trips we'll all split the cost so each person only ends up paying a fraction of the cost. My friend and I even got jobs working at the same place this summer, so we can carpool together every day and cut our gas costs in half. So now I not only feel more prepared to begin paying back my loans, I'm hopeful that I'll have a little extra for summer fun!