Waste not ...want not

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My advise to everyone out there who has dug through the couch for change to buy cigarettes or a soda...stop smoking , that is a win,win in every way. Second is use what you have. I know when I was younger fashion and all that applies was more important than air! New clothes , shoes and drawers of hair and make up...so much, I would end up throwing away with the tags on, and things never used. The copious amounts of alcohol we consumed and cigarettes...

You know I was in my forties before I ever set foot in a thrift store. What a fool. I know there are things one must purchase new, but always check the thrift store .a treasure trove of wonders!

What got me the most, looking back at it , was impulse buying...if there was a new pair of boots for  one hundred dollars or I needed to pay the phone bill...I would have the new boots on when I went to the phone company to beg for an extension on my bill. That thirty five dollar late fee sure looked nice on my feet. I should made  numbers of my credit score for each boot!

Such waste. If I had to do it over again. The three day rule on impulse buying...if you want something wait three days, if it still there, you have just proved you do not need it.

Clear your counter. Write down on a piece of paper what money you have in your bank. Stack your bills in a pile. Place a few items of food, clothes . Put your cigarettes and liquor down... Write down how much you spend on rent, gas, electricity, food, insurance, phone, and any other NECCESARY items you must pay monthly on another paper on these piles. Add your total of each pile and see what, if anything is left from what is in your bank.

There you will have an idea of what is a must pay pile and I can wait pile, such as you clothes pile or entertainment pile. You may have to cut down or off things that important but that is a great way to start your new life with your new education. It called discipline The more you wait the bigger the prize, and it does not take long for those savings to add up. Trust me, it's painful having to pay a thirty-five dollars late fee on anything because of that one thing you knew you could not afford but had to have. Multiply thirty-five by four, one hundred forty dollars of wasted money in late fees. Think of that sitting in the bank instead of the closet, well, you get the meaning. My motto..be humble. It is always in fashion, be frugal not hungry, be wise and you'll be warm.