FREE MONEY to save for college!

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When I went to the bank to open a savings account to set aside money for tuition, the bank clerk informed me that I could get paid to save!  Sounded too good to be true, but I was thrilled to find out it was true: the bank would pay me to save money in my new account


Here's how it works:  I opened a checking account at U.S.Bank so I could get direct deposit of my payroll check, so I opened a S.M.A.R.T Savings Account as well for saving money toward college.  I then agreed to have a certain amount automatically transferred from my checking account into the savings account every week.  Then, they agreed to GIVE me $50 for every $500 I saved over the next year using this auto-transfer


Now that I'm working, I set up a $100 transfer per week.  When I go full-time after graduation, I'll change the transfer amount to $200 per week.  This will allow me to hit $500 every three weeks...and get the $50 bonus that often!  That means that by the time a year has gone by, I should have over $9000 I saved myself and another $900 given to me by the bank!  That's 10% return on my savings


I don't know of any other savings account that provides that kind of return!


So, go in to the nearest U.S.Bank and set up a checking account (preferably with an automatic payroll deposit) and a S.M.A.R.T Saving Account with the auto-transfer!  Then, just sit back (after work ) and enjoy rolling in the extra money!