Cash is King

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If there's anything I learned about saving and spending, it's that you should always carry cash. Like, no matter what. I know it's safer and easier to use your card, but using cash makes you more conscience of your spending. For instance, swiping your card everyday on your coffee for $2.50 isn't that big of a deal, but actually seeing your physical cash dwindle down puts into perspective how much you're spending. What I like to do, since I spend way too much money when I don't use cash, is take out $40 each week at the ATM. Whatever I don't spend at the end of the week gets put into a jar and I use that money for trips, vacation, or any other bigger purchases I want, like a new pair of jeans. It also helps me realize what I actually need and what I don't (like eating out for dinner more than once a week or buying something unnecessary). Super saver tip: I put all of my loose change and #6 dollar bills in my jar. Now you're probably thinking, "is that a code for something?" It kind of is. Change adds up really quickly and you don't even really realize it and so do single dollar bills. Each dollar bill has a little number on it on the left hand side. What I do is pick a number, like 6, and each time I get a single with a number 6 on it, I put it in my jar. Every so often I feel like I'm spending too much so I also pick a second number, like 8, and put those in my jar too so I have less money to spend up front and more saved up. I think this is a great way to force you to be more conscious of your spending and ensure you spend less.