Sweet N Simple

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Most of our lives we tend to be too consumed - whether it be with technology, media, materials, or ourselves.


As a 20 year old college student at USC (the most expensive university in the nation), I've realized just how much harder we humans tend to make life on ourselves by consuming too many things because society subtly pressures us to. And this is why my "Two Cents" is to keep life "Sweet N Simple."


How? Well, it's actually pretty simple.


1.) First, create a list of monthly NEEDS (ex. Monthly Rent, Food, Transportation, etc.)

2.) Then, create a monthly BUDGET (It would incorporate monthly needs, along with wants)


Now that you know what you need, start looking at things you don't need.


3.) Sell clothes/materials you don't need/use anymore online (Facebook, Instagram, Ebay, Amazon), maybe even subscriptions (Netflix, magazines, etc)

4.) Be mindful and proactive when outside shopping (Identify WANTS vs. NEEDS so that you don't let loose on your spending)


All in all, these steps are to help you SIMPLIFY your life. No one wants to be cluttered with unnecessary baggage, there's already so much and we can only carry so much. Sometimes, you just need to restart and refresh yourself, and good way to start is to take time and reflect on what you need and what you don't, then make decisions from there on out.


Keep it sweet n' simple!




Brian Lee