Coupons......embrace it!

Document created by ewood1021 on May 31, 2016
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I know paying for classes and books out of pocket can add up, and it feels like you have no money leftover. Looking at your bank account can start to be a disappointment rather than an achievement. I started looking for ways to save money and most of the options that came up was planning and cutting coupons. The Sunday ritual I established was coffee, cut coupons out of the Sunday paper, then compare weekly ads along with my coupons to get me the best deals. Its amazing what coupons you can find on everyday things such as paper towels, to makeup! (Ladies we can still look fabulous on budget) I start saving money slowly but surely I was saving a few bucks here and their that I could save. Also I started taking it another step further by emailing company brands telling them how much I like their products some were kind enough to send me a sample or a coupon. Overall that's my money advice. Coupons, and plan your shopping visits.