Start Young

Document created by maiyab on May 30, 2016
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Money is a currency that everyone has to deal with in one way or another. Whether it be making your own money, managing it, or even receiving it from others there are too many ways you can go wrong with handling it. While it should not be something you treasure or are obsessed with it is essential to living, so as I have been in college and racked up debt from loans and started my first job I only wish I would have learned how to handle money when I was younger. This could mean starting to put away $20 weekly as a child, getting a part time job in high school, or even earning your allowance. All of these provide valuable lessons and learning experiences on the correct and incorrect ways to spend and save that money. Not only would I have had a head start on how to manage money but could have solidified good habits in dealing with money so that I wouldn't face some problems that I have now when it comes to paying for things on my own and in a timely manner. Even though I am in college and have had a limited knowledge of how to use and spend my money wisely if I could have had help from my parents, siblings, mentors, and other adults in my life at an earlier age I would be better equipped to use what I have wisely. In a society where splurging can even be encouraged when the money isn't there or should be used for something else it's imperative that we know how and when we should spend our money.