Wisdom from Grandpa

Document created by vanessad on May 29, 2016
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A few years ago I was listening to my Grandpa speak to my mom about money and the importance of knowing where every penny goes.  This particular conversation was about coffee and the cost of a cup of coffee and how it affects your entire life.  He told her that if you went to Starbucks on your way to work and then again at your 10 Am break the cost of that 4.69 Café Latte would cost approximately $9.38 a day which sounds horrible, but it gets worst from there.  He continued to tell her by month  $46.90 and yearly  $2,438.80 and that's if you only drink it 5 days a week!  I remember sitting here thinking I will never drink coffee.  He explained to her how much she could have in a savings account in 10 years $24,388.00, then 20 years $48,776.00, then 30 years $73,164.00.  My mom was 38 years old when this conversation was happening so he ended it by telling her if I knew what I knew back when you where a newborn and I never drank coffee from one of those high priced coffee shops I could have saved $92,674.40 in your lifetime.  I know this may be not exactly what you were looking for, for this essay but this is what sticks in my head every time I think about money and my budget.  I believe many people can learn from my grandpa's wisdom!