Time To Be Humble

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At 54 years old I find myself working two jobs, and starting school. My first suggestion is one that both my Grandmother's lived by. Simple. Neither one the two ladies had extensive wardrobes nor drawers of make-up or cases of "jewelry". They had well kept houses and did not live beyond their means. I should have paid attention to them.

I believe at this stage of my own life where I should be slowing down a tad and be somewhat financially stable, I find myself grasping at any laborious task along with others half my age for a minimum wage job.

Since I did not take the example shown by my Grandmother's, I will share my take on how they always had money in the bank. Neither one was educated. One a bank teller and the other a dormitory matron.

Growing up, I never saw any unnecessary items that donned their home or wardrobe. Yes the each had their hair fixed on Saturday mornings, but that was it. Their homes were not only paid for but nicely appointed, with few things.

As I grew into a woman and of course times had changed, I had had asked one of my Grandma's why don't you buy new clothes? Those you wear are not in fashion. "In fashion for who? they have no holes and are clean...I do not buy what I do not need."

Simplicity and necessity is how they were raised. Unfortunately I was in the era of you can't be seen wearing the same outfit twice. You must have a subscription to every fashion magazine, oh yes, you must start using that expensive wrinkle cream while you are young. Prevention you know! God forbid go to a second hand store. Then the "Happy Hour" days started. Again needless spending on copious amounts of flaming colored drinks. That was a must because it was "in". Listen to one has traveled the road of must have and mirrors.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. The two most beautiful ladies in the world did not read fashion magazine or have the latest gadgets.

They the beauty of common sense, planning ahead and knowing the value of their money. I have learned that I can not eat that new eyeshadow nor will that pair of jeans pay the rent. Throw out every fashion magazine and catalog. look in the mirror and like what you see instead of wasting money on changing what you see. Clear your counter and put all "have to's" (bills) in on a pile and "I wish I had's" (catalogs etc....) in another. Then a piece of paper with what you have. There will be a big pile of I wish I had's...but none that say's I wish I had listened to Grandma. Fashion is fine but saving is better.