Shopping Listing Your Way to Financial Freedom

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     What I am about to share is very basic, but it goes a very long way to keeping money in your pocket and a healthy weight. A shopping list pad on your refrigerator makes it easy to add food items as you go through them. This trick has worked for me in several ways. 

     Before I head out to the grocery store I look at my list and cross out any non-healthy items, make sure that you have listed food in the following categories 30% protein, dairy, and grains, 50% vegetables, and 20% fruit. I go to the store, take out my shopping list and begin going around the perimeter of the grocery store, there are too many processed foods in the center of the store and processed food is less satisfying and less healthy than the food found around the perimeter of the grocery store.


     That's it! Make a list and stick to it!