Pay Off Debt but Still Have Time

Document created by jamiec_7 on May 27, 2016
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Being in debt is quite a hardship for all of us but is unfortunately a part of our lives. Each of us anticipate for that pay day to roll around and as soon as the money enters our accounts, it disappears again in a flash. Money being spread around to our bill and by the time that we check our accounts again, it feels as if there are only pennies left. Although it feels as if our debts will never go down, all of us will get there sooner or later. It is important to pay off the minimums of all of our bills except one. I believe the best way to narrow down our debt is by paying off the smallest debts first. By taking care of the smaller ones, it makes us feel as if we are actually making baby steps to being debt free. Keep in mind though that paying off debt should not have to be a strenuous process but instead one that we should all feel proud of! Make sure to pay off debt and create milestones! For every debt you end up paying off, treat yourself whether it's a massage, a fancy meal and/or that game you have been craving to buy. By balancing paying off debt and treating yourself, it will give you so much drive to strive more and work as hard as possible!