Keep Your Eye Simple

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Have you allowed this world's view of money and possessions to affect you? Materialism is very fast affecting everyone's way of living. "I got to have this", "I want this",or "If they can have it so can I" are so common phrases now a days. The want is winning over the need. How can we stop that from happening? It will really help to separate the needs with the wants.Organizing and prioritizing comes in place. It would be wise to learn what we really need in life and how to get by with less. Keeping your life simple means living out of what you have and not out of what you pretend to have. Honesty here plays an important role in the sense that you can be cheating yourself to thinking you have something when you don't. Humbly acknowledging that you don't have what it takes to buy the latest gadget in town or the popular brand of clothing helps a lot in accepting the truth that there could be a less inferior replacement to whatever you need or even want for that matter. A lot of people perhaps might think that what you have defines who you are, which is far from being true. You might be looking good on the outside, but the inside is already rotting. You might look happy but the truth is, you're full of rage, bitterness and discontentment. Setting your eyes on lobster and fine wine when all you can afford is dried fish and water can easily lead to financial disaster. Try to avoid unnecessary debt. Although there are circumstances when going into debt may seem unavoidable, those who take unnecessary debt just to buy something they want will often find themselves shackled to a very heavy financial millstone. This can be especially true when credit cards are used. Once we've got our card in hand, out behavior becomes riddled with irrationalities. Wise budgeting should now come into the picture.To work out a budget, some people use a computer program. Others simply use a pencil and a sheet of paper, which they divide into two columns. One column is for income, and the other for expenditures. It is also important to include in the budget a monthly amount to cover once-a-year expenses, such as income tax and perhaps a vacation.A time-tested method of budgeting is based on the use of envelopes or folders labeled “Food,” “Rent,” “Transportation,” “Electricity,” “Medical Bills,” and so forth. In the past, people put cash for those expenses in the envelopes each month. Now many feel it is safer and easier to deposit money in a bank account and withdraw it as needed.

When you think about what matters most, it's usually relationships and the sense of making a difference, not money and possessions.