Stop! Look! Listen!

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Stop what you are doing right now. Look at the words in front of you. Listen to my advice. I am a college student who returned to classes nearly 25 years after my high school graduation. I learned the hard way about money. I took out all the loans and applied for every grant I could when I was younger. Now, I am out of funding when I have finally decided to buckle down and go for the degree I want. So, I guess you are wondering what I am doing. I am paying for college out of my pocket. I am working a full time job and a part time job in order to pay my living expenses as well as my college tuition. And believe me, this is not what you want to do. So when I finally graduate this year, I will owe out more than I will make in my first year in my career. Why? Because I did not listen and plan carefully. I lollygagged my way through school. I dropped courses left and right and failed some too. So now, I am paying the price. My first ever college adviser told me to not waste time and to definitely not borrow more than I needed to for school. I sure wish I had listened. So as an older student, I am telling everyone, do not waste the free money the government gives and do not take out unnecessary loans just so you can have money in your pockets to spend with the gang all wants to go hang out.


Lesson learned. I wish I had stopped borrowing, looked at the big picture of loans and listened to that adviser.


Yolanda A.