There is NO free money

Document created by ericd420 on May 27, 2016
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My biggest advice to recent graduates would be to watch out for all of the credit card applications that will be coming your way. As a recent grad, you are viewed by so many institutions as someone wanting to start their credit history. And they will have 'all the answers' to everything regarding money. Get their card and there won't be ant interest until a certain date, which will give you more than enough tiome to pay off any debt on your card. But that date always comes so quickly, and you were making the minimum payment so why didn't the debt go down? There are so many hidden loopholes in credit card contracts that most of us never see. That salesman you met at the student union who promised you everything gets paid by commission. Every app that gets approved puts a little more money in their pocket. Instant approvals hurt. You will start with just one, 'so it doesn't get out of control', and before long there is another and another before you are so deep in credit card debt that you are wondering how you're going to pay for all of them. And then the student loans come due and you need to start paying them back. I had to file for bankruptcy because I was fooled in to believing that I could handle what I was getting myself in to. And it lasts for a lot longer than just eight years. It will always be on file with the Justice system. That record will never go away. Any one who is willing to research your past will be able to find that record. Don't be scared. BE CAREFUL.