The "Plebe" Year

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Most college freshmen are somewhat concentrated on the crowd to follow let alone fit in, my first year was a bit different. I was outspoken which left me isolated, not many people in there first year were eager to even be notice. I enrolled into a technical college due to my final weeks of school don't get me wrong I've search for the colleges I wanted, although the right one has the potential to show itself at the right time. This is the part I talk about loans, remember when I said " showing itself at the right time". Financial Aid refunds where about to drop an everyone was talking about it, It's like a rumor on a collegiate football team "BAD NEWS". Students went on and on about how much they're getting back, and in the mist of all that the only thing I heard at that moment "bro refunds are dropping but who filled out a loan". See the thing about loans there fairly easy to acquire, fill-out a paper in the financial office, they approve it, choose the type of loan, and KABOOM theirs your Money, the only thing is you'll likely be in debt for the rest of existence.

I was one of plenty students that accepted the loan, one of all students that spent every penny of the loan, and sadly knows how much I and others regret using it. I wished there where more stipulations involved into obtaining a loan, I understand you can't deny anyone loan money although knowing what I know I really wished it was someone there to say "Hey you don't need it". Once you know something like a loan is easy to get everyone disregards the final understanding. Navient had me file-out a survey an the one question that stood out the most was " what can we do to help loans for the future ", and I replied stop making them so easy to get, the graduation level will rise and the school debt level will decrease. It's easy to voice although harder to advocate, I'm coming up on my second semester in Atlanta Technical College and if just writing this makes a difference then My Two Cents: Money Advice That Pays Off