New Technology + Old Rules = Your Budgeting Success

Document created by ashleyk_1 on May 27, 2016
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When it comes to this day and age, it is inevitable you will have to use technology in some way or another to manage your money. If we use technology wisely, and mix in a couple of old fashion rules, we are consistently managing our money in efficient and rational ways. For example, our money seems endless when we use it on a credit card, but if we link our debit, credit, 401k and savings account to apps like MINT, we have visual tracking of where your money is being distributed every month. This organization allows you the freedom to budget. One of the first rules of budgeting I was taught was to allow yourself to see what you can spend for that week. I do that with apps like MINT and mix it with the old “Cash is King” saying. Through MINT, I can budget my spending money for the month (or week), and will take out just enough spending cash for that amount of time. That way I visually see how much I have left as time passes, and online can visually see where my other funds are being distributed to in my separate accounts.

Take control of your money and you will see how easy it is to save and keep track of financial goals!