Envelopes, Simple yet efficent!

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I started using a great budgeting and saving technique I learned from a friend. It has helped me save countless money for school, going out, video games, and gifts for friends. It's quite simple honestly.

Step 1: Go to your local store and buy the cheapest pack of envelopes or reuse some junk mail ones.(whichever one makes you feel more organized)

Step 2: Make an envelope Bills, Going out, Eating out, Food, Savings, and whatever else you deem as important for each month.

Step 3: Look at monthly income (or weekly/biweekly depending on pay period.)

Step 4: Allot money(physical cash) to correctly allocated envelope.

Step 5: Only use cash for whatever that particular envelope details

Step 6: At end of pay period, move any extra funds to savings.