Living Paycheck to Paycheck to Savings

Document created by karie on May 26, 2016
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It seems like we are always living paycheck to paycheck and that can make it difficult to save money.  A lot of times at the end of a pay period I would look at my checking balance - somewhere around $50 and think just a few more days until my deposit. Its easy to get into the habit of spending what you have available.  At some point I started transfering my total balance of my checking before my deposit to my savings the day I got paid so I started my pay period living only on my paycheck without any carryover.  Sometimes it would be only $24, or $17 and occasionally I would transfer $75.  It didn't take long for my savings to start growing and when an unexpected expense came up I didn't have to worry about how i would cover bills.  It has been a great incentive to control my expenses and ensure that I don't live beyond what I make while also allowing me to save.