NO home, NO food, NO choice.

Document created by ericmjg on May 26, 2016
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Ever wonder how life works without having the money to pay for bills? Food on the table? or even a vehicle to drive to a friends. How about losing everything you have and becoming homeless, living in a house you no longer own.

This was my story, the story of the unexpected truths of life, that yes it can and will happen to you, so be prepared. I was out of work for nearly a year, raising my two children. "can I have a snack daddy?" I would hear, as I walk to the cupboard and see we have a couple of canned vegetables and crackers. It is a feeling I never again desire to have. Yes, there is food stamps and government programs I am aware, but there is real struggle. It started with having no insurance, and the thought that "it won't happen to me, besides the premiums are out the roof! Four medical emergencies and a bankruptcy and no job later and you see everything you owned gone forever.

There is redemption in that you learn to be prepared and you strive to do your best and work harder for the things that matter the most, because in the end that is really what matters: Aiming for your dreams and not letting anything stop you. Save all you can and expect and be ready for the unexpected.