Credit Payoff Pyramid

Document created by krdixon83 on May 26, 2016
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Hello all. My bit of advice is most likely common knowledge however, I want to spread the benefits to as many as possible. So I have a credit card *gulp* with a large limit and an even higher APR rate. 17.9% *ouch* Not as high as some and lower than others for sure. BUT for those like me who are fiscally irresponsible that interest is what gets everybody all the time. In order to beat down your debt faster without extra budgeting all you have to do is add $10. Yes that's correct. All you do is add $10 to your minimum payment every month and you will see the difference quicker than you think. Now in a perfect world we all want to payoff our debt and accumulate very little interest and obviously a phenomenal credit score. Since we do not live in a prefect world we need to help each other with tips on how to stay on top of debt so it stays off of us. I hope this helps if it hasn't already been a part of your debt battling arsenal. Thank you and best of luck to all!