Save your money!

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How to Save Money


Sarah Ferrel


    I have come to find out that the best way to save money, is to live like I have no or very little money. I pay my bills every month and then put what money I have left over from my paychecks into my savings. I take out what money I need for fuel, food, necessities, etc. but I try not to spend more money than I absolutely have to. Having my money in my savings account helps me save because I don't have direct access to it. Not having direct access to it helps me forget how much I really have, so I'm less apt to take money out and spend it. I also do not have/use a debit card, I only use cash which helps me save also because people are most apt to swiping their card than handing over a couple of bills. My motto for money saving strategies is to "live like you have none." It seems to be working so far!