Saving Money

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     The ways I save money would be by installing apps on my phone like Slickdeals, SeizetheDeal, Groupon, and Expedia to find the best deals on technology, tickets, food, and other amazing deals on various items. I also save money by using the Mint app to help me budget what I spend on certain things. The Mint app helps you separate your spending into categories and tells you how much you're spending. I recently started saving money also by switching my data plan from 2GB to 500MB to pay less for data. The way I'm saving money is by turning my data off on all my apps and only using WiFi for any data that I need. The only time I would use my data would be in an emergency.

     The college app Mohela helps me keep track of my loan payments and how much I owe on my loan. My credit score is also very important to me and the way I can keep a good credit score is by making sure I'm never late on any payments. I use the Credit Karma app to keep track of my credit score and to see how much credit I'm utilizing. I always make sure to keep my credit utilization at a low percentage that way my credit score stays good. The Discover app works well for me since I can track how much available credit I have and when my payments are due.

    Another way that I have been saving money is by depositing money into my savings account every paycheck just in case of an emergency. I use the Bangor Mobile app to track my checking account and savings account. The Bangor Mobile app helps you stay organized by knowing exactly what's in your checking and savings account. Saving money out of every paycheck can help you in the long run and will make your life a lot easier.

     Paying for car insurance is a hard thing to do especially with speeding tickets and an accident on your record. The way I have been managing to save on my car insurance is by not speeding anymore and not getting into anymore accidents. When I turn 25, if I haven't got any speeding tickets or accidents for five years then my car insurance will start to go down. I use Geico for my car insurance and I use the Geico app to help make payments on my car insurance and to make sure I know how much I owe.

     Saving money at a young age can be a hard thing to do but it can be done. I know I had a hard time saving money for the longest time until I started getting organized by getting apps and keeping track of everything. Making monthly payments on time, not maxing your credit cards out, and saving money will lead to a healthy and better lifestyle.