Don't be a prisoner of DEBT

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I only wish I would have heard this advice sooner. I started listening to Dave Ramsey about a year ago. He offers many services, advice and teachings that are available for purchase. I know how easy it can be to get in over your head with debt. Many of us live way beyond our means and we talk ourselves into making it to live that way. Why are we so hung up on our credit score? A credit score is only going to help you get into more debt. You are basically borrowing money you don't have. Why borrow? Wouldn't you rather have the money to buy the things you need and want?

How can you do this?  The best thing you can do is start saving.  Save from every paycheck, have money in the bank.  It would be wise to have a rainy day fund.  Save for your retirement and start as soon as you can. You don't want to be working at an old age because you have debt. You should be enjoying your retirement.


Maybe you are already in debt just as I am. I am almost out and I will be free soon.  had to make changes in my lifestyle. Instead of splurging on impulse buys I'm sending an extra payment to my credit cards. I began to tackle my debt. I started paying off the smallest debts, each one I knock off is a small victory. It can be done, just get focused and disciplined. Its only until you can free yourself from debt. You will learn how to manage your money doing this and your credit score won't be so important.