Pay now, Play later

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If you come into more money then excpected, like a tax return, It can be tempting to spend a chunk on something fun. Instead, try to pay off this or next months bills (or both!) You may be hesitant now, but next month when you have your whole paycheck to save or spend without bills to worry about, you will see its worth it! Talk about a total stress reliever!


Take me for example, I have been trying to get a mountain bike for months! I new my returns were coming so I was tempted to buy a bike with my frinds. However, when my check came in, I payed off all my bills for the month and the following month with some to spare. I saved the rest and bought my new wheels when my income check came in. I am continuing to pay my bills 2 months in advance, so now I am stress free, more secure, and enjoying my splurge! I have never been so on top of my finances and its a huge wait lifted off my shoulders.


Pacience, planning and a little self controle can go a long way!