Perseverance through the storm

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9511952-woman-with-a-thoughtful-expression-thought-bubbles-to-add-your-own-text-or-image--Stock-Photo.jpg                                  I have weathered many storms in my lifetime,treading a thin line of having nothing,being what one would call poor.still within myself self determined to succeed and make do with what i have. My making a dollar out of 15 cents has been a necessity and for me it is  a way of life but hopefully my 2 cents can help someone else. I have and can take 10 dollars and feed 2 for a week off of it,first you have to decided what is a necessity and  what is a want or luxury. Number one,.as a student trying to make it through school a person has to cut out some things that are natural for everyone to use in our society today but aren't a neccessity,one example is cable, Yes! i said cable, even though everything is digital nowadays there are antennas that can get channels for TV watchers  That money saved on cable can go for paying monthly payments on school loans that are taken out to slowly pay off and stay ahead of the game. Also people can cut down on eating out at fast food  establishments and getting Pedicures and Manicures,going to Coffee shops and all those luxuries that add up that money. That money could go to once again either paying on our loans or lowering the amount we borrow from student loans so we have less to pay back at the end. This is one small 2 cents to make one think "hmmmm".