I don't recommend CSI

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     I attended College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls for several years. I think I began going in 2011 and was finished taking classes in December 2015. From 2011 until 2014 I was charged out of state tuition and as a result of that, I paid three times what tuition would cost for any other student. The Financial Aid office, and the Admission and Records office refused to change my residency to in-state because, 'on paper, it looks like you moved to Twin Falls to attend school at CSI'. Are you kidding me? I went to school in Boise, in Texas, and was going to go to school in California until my dad passed and I had to move back to Idaho to help my mom. I offered to provide a death certificate for them so they would change my status, and they didn't. Even though I was working full time, paying Idaho State taxes, and was able to vote, I couldn't get in-state tuition. This is an issue because now I don't have enough financial aid to finish my Bachelor's.


     Be wary of the financial aid office, and the records offices. They are great at telling their students that all of the necessary documents are turned in, when they aren't. This results in financial aid coming in late and you (or your student) having to pay full tuition and books until the financial aid arrives. They also hold the funds much longer than any other school I have ever attended.


     If you are still considering going to school at CSI, and somehow magically manage to get you paperwork done, and your financial aid completed, then it would be time to start taking classes. By the way, good luck trying to find somewhere to park if you are taking on campus classes. The professors are really pretty good, as long as you can avoid Algebra and Biology classes. I took both classes several times ( I am much more of an English person than a Math or Science person); even still, I couldn't help but notice how full these classes were each time I took them, and by the end of the semester how empty they were. My Biology class went from probably 75-80 students down to 8. When I ran into some of the other students I recognized from earlier in the semester, they said they couldn't keep up with everything that was expected and maintain a decent grade. Some students even changed their major to avoid taking Biology again.


     If you do decide to go to CSI, take the online classes. It just makes life a million times easier to avoid having to actually deal with the morons who run the institution. If you only have to work with the teachers, your life will be so much better off. Again, I can't stress enough that they do have really great instructors. They actually care about how you are doing in their classes and want to see their students succeed.