Outline your budget

Document created by arsenicmind on May 24, 2016
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The most important thing I have learned after starting to manage my own money was to outline my budget. Specially when starting a new job, thinking of entering in a new financial commitment, or before making a big purchase. Outline every single bill, paymen, or continuos spending like: rent, groceries, electricyti bill, spotify, netflix, going out spending, and anything else that you think affects your monthly spending more than $10-$20. Do this once a month or every 2 months so you can see how your spending shifts. You can use apps/websites like Mint to help (I do) but I also like to write it out on paper I find that it forces me to take the time and focus on my spending and saving habits. I also stay on top of my bank account transactions and I try to always plan ahead of time before big purchases. Once you start budgeting you are more aware of how your money moves and you can start planning for the future. Budgeting can seem daunting and stressful and if it seems like too much find someone you trust to help you. After that it's all about sticking to it!