Mindful spending

Document created by kathleenek on May 24, 2016
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As I work toward improving my health, part of that is investing in my financial health. As I work to pay off my student loans as well as afford my other expenses, I have had to put in a lot of hard work to improve my spending habits. In the past I spent money impulsively on things I wanted and decided I needed. In a review of where my life was going I made the conscious choice to be more mindful about spending. I now spend more money on things that help me achieve what I want to in life. Right now that meant purchasing a house and paying off my mortgage in a few years; once my house is paid off I plan to focus on paying off my student loans and saving money. When I have more money available due to my mortgage being paid off I hope to use the mindfulness skills I have practiced to continue to make healthy, intentional decisions about where my money goes. Buying "things" will always be a temptation for me, but when I work to increase my awareness about the financial choices I am making, I find that I am able to make positive changes. One thing I found helpful was finding more outdoor activities I enjoyed so that I could do these rather than going into a store for the cathartic effect when feeling stressed out. When I do go into a store to browse I often leave my wallet in the car to help me avoid making impulse purchases. Over time, little by little, these actions made a big difference in my life.