Invest Time To Save Money

Document created by jeremyr on May 24, 2016
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In the rush of college life, money can be a large stressor. However, money is only one of the three most valuable resources for success in life and education alike. The other two are people and time. Time is self explanitory, and people pertains more to the idea of networking. The better you manage your time, and the more people you know, the better access you have to opportunities to either make or save money. In my own personal experience, my friends have been a greatly generous with helping me keep my shelves stocked, as an example. Time can be a little more difficult. Many college students probably feel like there is not nearly enough time to accompish the things they want or need to do, and that may be the case, but it doesn't always have to be the case. Instilling habits in one's life that frees up time to focus on more important things that can't be ignored are indeed crucial. A few examples are using a crockpot, keeping a scheduler, and planning multiple-stop transportation so that there is no backtracking. The better one becomes at managing their time and developing a network, the better one can manage money. Don't believe me? Try it out.