My Two Pennies Worth

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Recent college grad, poor, and heartbroken...but I am surviving. let me tell you all know, proper grammar and punctuation are NOT my strong points. I am also writing this on my phone during my last 20 minutes at work.


The adult world can be a cold cold place that's for sure. My life up until 2008 has been good, then my bipolar father kicked me out of my house. I moved in with a Brazilian family who helped me finish high school. I was always told I wouldn't make it to college, but I wanted to prove my father I went to college in New Orleans. What I didn't know is how expensive it was going to be! I know that now after struggling to make student loan payments. Well anyway in college for a few years, doing just fine, and then begin  my real struggles in life. My father committed suicide in August of 2010. My world was changed forever. I stayed home with my mom and continued college at the community college near my home. Things started to look up I was dating a boy who I loved endlessly eventually  engaged, and was on the path to becoming a social work. Then he passed away dude to Cystic Fibrosis in 2014 waiting for lungs that never came. My world was changed again, but I finished school later that year.


I hate being a sad sappy story about how I finished school but that is why and how I ended up doing it. Now I am working as a social worker trying to get my life and my clients lives back on track.