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Being a recent college graduate with my first full time job, I was thrown into a world that I was so unfamiliar with. Making more money per month than I was ever used to with my part-time jobs in high school and college, I finally had the freedom to spend money how I wanted to, whenever I wanted to.  BIG mistake!  I realized that all those morning coffees, lunches at cafes near my office, afternoon coffees and dinners and drinks with friends were really adding up! I needed to change my habits.  I downloaded the Mint app on my phone to keep track of my budget, which has really helped me to save money, especially for those pesky student loans that roll in every month.  It has been SO helpful! I'm able to budget my money effectively and have been able to allocate "fun money" every month. I also started bringing my lunch and lots of snacks to work. By having food in my office, not only does it help me make better, healthy food choices, but I've also cut back on a ton of spending. I don't feel the need to take an afternoon "coffee break" to get snacks or coffee because I have everything I need right in my office. 


Between finding the right app to help me budget my money and learning to bring food to work from home, not buy it, it has made such a big difference in my life! The best part is, even though I'm being more "responsible" with my money now, I've realized that by making smart choices, I'm able to save money to spend on bigger, fun things with friends. It's a learning experience, but I'm getting through it, with lots of help from my Mint app!