Scholarships for Loan Repayments!

Document created by aprilt_83 on May 24, 2016
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I never really got any financial advice while I was in college. I really wish I would have known what my home state offered before I went to school out of state. As an Oregon resident, students who qualify for the Pell Grant may also qualify for the Oregon Promise Grant and the Oregon Opportunity Grant, but only if you go to an Oregon college or university. I also thought if you lived in Oregon, you would have to go to an Oregon school to avoid out of state tuition. This is not the case for all schools in all states. Definitely check out the rules for in-state vs out of state at every college or university you want to go to. Its based on the schools preference, not just based on the state the school resides in. As a graduate who has had to start paying back my loans, I would like to add my 2 cents by saying there should be scholarships out there for students who went to school, came out with loans, and need extra help paying them back. Especially for those who went into a service position, much like the loan forgivness program, but you dont have to wait 10 years to take advantage of it. Having to pay back loans really sucks, but Im totally happy with what I have achieved. Now I help students with their financial aid at a community college, and I love my job.