Budget is KEY!

Document created by stephaniex on May 24, 2016
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The best advice I ever had just from reading a book was, "to learn how to budget and use the snowball effect." While I was in college, I was a full-time student and worked 40 hours, 6 days a week. All the money I made working, I paid my personal bills and saved what's left from my weekly check; which was usually $50-$100. By the time I graduated, I saved over thousands of dollars. Now in the "real world", having to pay for student loans, car payments/insurance, the list goes on! I read Dave Ramsey's book and it changed my life in how to look at money and definitely learn to pay off credit card debits fast. Truly live by your means and do not buy anything you do not "WANT". Saving at an early age helped when I went to college and after I graduated. DO NOT put yourself in credit card debits, use cash and if you do not have any cash left over, wait to budget on your next check. It truly helped me, hopefully it helps others from reading Dave Ramsey!