5 bucks adds up

Document created by jasonl_2 on May 24, 2016
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My first job ever was as a bus boy in the town I grew up in. While working there most of my pay came from being tipped out by the wait staff at the end of the night. While working there one night I heard two co-workers saying how difficult it was to save money, and how one of them had been able to save up a ton of money by never using any 5 dollar bill that they came across. Anytime the received a 5 dollar bill, they would set it aside and deposit it into their savings account. They didn't use ones because they can be used for tolls or quick purchases here and there, and 10's, 20's etc. had a lot more value obviously. However a 5 dollar bill here in there is hard to even notice. I started following the same system and after 2 years my savings account increased exponentially because it steadily increased, I never touched it, and interest kept accruing.  It helped me a ton and I hope it helps you!