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There was no one there to show how important it to plan ahead, manage my finances or simply save. Through out my years, I abused the financial aid opportunity. I was a believer of, it's there so I will take it. That statement can be thought about in many different directions.  My thought were negative and harmful to my future. I borrowed loans and didn't believe this would impact me anytime soon. Boy, was I wrong.  I had to take a "break" from school and now have to pay back the loans plus interest.  I regret my poor decisions in borrowing. If I could it again, I would definitely do it differently. I would borrow only what I needed. Nothing more! I would make an education plan that I know I would sucessed. Not taking on too much that I couldn't handle. If I could give any advice it would be to plan ahead and save. Don't abuse the help. Be money smart!