It Happens

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piggy_bank_8881.jpgA couple slices of pizza, Starbucks coffee, catching the newest Marvel Comics movie, finding a cute outfit, it all seems harmless spending until you hydroplane into another person's car. Luckily no one is hurt, but now you have a front bumper missing and a headlight that needs replaced. Insurance took take care of the woman's car but not my 1997 Ford Taurus. I'm a college student for goodness sake's. I carried the minimum. Now I need to come up with 750 dollars and quick. What do you do? Rob a bank. Oh wait, I can't because I do not have a getaway car. Ebay here I come, prized possessions there you go. But wait, there is an effective, yet simple solution to all of your problems. It's going to be hard Ladies and Gentlemen but it is possible. The most important thing a college student needs to know is that there always needs to be a backup plan especially when it comes to finances. A stash of cash needs to be budgeted into your finances. Personally, I recommend having one thousand dollars as emergency money in a place only you know about. I know, a thousand dollars is a lot of money, but just save money little by little every week. Trust me, it adds up fast. You have to remember that this isn't fun money, it is emergency money. This benefited me  during this accident. I was able to pay for the repairs in full and was back on the road within less than a week. Sure it wasn't fun seeing all my hard earn money leave its safe location, but at least I could afford those repairs. I knew of many people who had to have to ride the bus or worse have their mothers drive them to school. Don't be like those people. Be smart and safe your money right now.