Don't Loose Control

Document created by denice on May 23, 2016
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       My two cents are about uncontrolled spending. Going back to school was a decision I should have made a long time ago, but it is what it is. Being a recently separated, stay-at-home mother of two for 8 years, who just moved in with her own mother, going back to school was the best decision for me. After completing and being approved for FASFA, I received a descent amount of money, even after getting books and necessities (notebooks, binders, pencils, etc.) for my classes, I still had a substantial amount of money left. Instead of being smart with it, I went on a spending spree at the mall and shoe stores. Before I knew it the money was all gone. Loosing control of my spending was a very bad thing, because not long after everything was spent my truck ended up having a very detrimental issue that needed to be fixed right away, if it was not taken care of my truck would not run for much longer. This situation caused me to turn to family members and really close friends and beg for their help. I had learned a very valuable lesson, which was to not go overboard with spending, because life happens and emergencies come up. So, "don't loose control" with your spending and investments, CD's, and untouchable savings accounts are probably the best options for your money, after researching these options of course. Although, my advice for all of you would be to make sure you put some funds aside, even from all the other options I previously listed, for a rainy day, because you never know what curve ball life may throw your way!