A Girl's Got Wants

Document created by rodream on May 23, 2016
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I am a girl, so of course I love to shop! I mean, who doesn't? I learned how to budget my money when I was in middle school. For example, if I had $100 cash I would only spend about $45 in the mall throughout the entire day. This taught me to save and continue saving. Also, with my $45 in the store I have to ask myself three questions, "Who has this [outfit/accessory] already?" "Is this worth the buy?" and "Is this in style?" These three questions help me budget my money as well as shop within the trend. There are certain material things I'd spend more money on but that type of shopping is for a much bigger quantity. For example, If I had $500 in my checking account and $250 in my savings account I'd transfer $200 out of my checking into my savings. With the leftover balance of $300 I can shop for my expensive items but I'd limit myself to only four stores. In college, however, on-campus living is more costly because necessities are greater than impulses. Groceries are more important than the latest cosmetic releases by Tarte Cos., Benefit Cos., Anastasia Beverly Hills Cos., etc. My system for budgeting has helped me throughout the years and I will continue this system until I can think of a better system.