The Jones's are Broke!

Document created by nickw on May 23, 2016
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     The best thing you can do with money has nothing to do with the numbers. It has to do with attitude and behavior. In this country we are obsessed with "keeping up with the Jones's." We see what other people have and think they're living well so we want all the best to keep up with them. The problem with that is that we (and the Jones family too) get into debt with new cars, expensive homes, and credit cards, and our "prosperity" is measured with other people's money. On the inside of all that stuff is stress and bills with high interest rates and insane risk. If we can be content with what we have and the position we are in, we can take less stupid risks and save money, which will eventually get us to a point where we can buy the nice things we want with no debt. This kind of contentment and learning the difference between "want" and "need" when we're not doing so well financially can lead to wealth later, but achieved the right way, and with money that is ours, not the bank's.