Create a weekly meal schedule to avoid buying lunch

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When I realized how much money was being spent eating out for lunch and dinner, my wife and I started making a weekly meal plan that has allowed us to save a lot of money.  At the beginning of the week we write down a schedule of meals we can make for dinner that will provide leftovers for the following day’s lunch.  We emphasize meals that travel and reheat well.  For example we don’t make fried fish because it doesn’t reheat very well but we love making chili or enchiladas which are easy to pack.  We try to use repeating ingredients as well, like making a big pot of brown rice and using it for a few meals.  If we do decide to go out for dinner, again we only choose meals that will provide tasty leftovers for the next day.  That means Thai instead of burgers!


edit: sample menu

Sunday: dinner - sweet & sour tofu w/ rice

Monday: lunch - sweet & sour tofu w/ rice. dinner - pasta with caramelized onions & mushrooms

Tuesday: lunch - pasta with caramelized onion & mushrooms. dinner - chili

Wednesday: lunch - chili. dinner - pulled pork sandwich

Thursday: lunch - pulled pork sandwich. dinner - veggie orzo soup

Friday: lunch - veggie orzo soup. dinner - anything you want it's the weekend!