Tuition awards can be negotiable

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I have been accepted to a private college with a very high tuition. I did get a nice award of $20,000 for the year but there is another $40,000 I have to come up with. 5 years ago my sister and I were diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. I have been fighting for my life battling with CF-related chronic pancreatitis, 50 plus hospitalizations, and after a life-saving surgery where my pancreas, gallbladder, and spleen were completely removed, and a rare islet cell transplant was placed into his liver. I was given another chance at life, literally.



Both my parents lost their  jobs shortly after our diagnosis, and even though my father has regained employment since the financial damage was done.  This disease has depleted our bank accounts, put our family in debt, ruined our credit completely and it still continues since there is no cure for CF, at this time. I am now doing something I never thought he could do since I did not think I would be alive or strong enough, and that is go to college. But coming up with the remaining amount has been a challenge. It is important to me to go to a college that has smaller classes and individual attention so I feel I will drown in a state/public college. I have applied to numerous scholarships and awaiting to hear I have been awarded any. I will say my financial aid package was increased by $6000 since my parents can't get a parent plus loan.


i have learned that tuition awards sometimes can be negotiated, so I have petitioned to the school explains my situation and hoping for another $10,000. I know I will raise enough to go there, it takes a lot of work and thought.